Kaoru looks up from his phone as he sees the announcement posted at Wholehands.
He just can't believe it, was it already the time for this special concert again?
The blond takes a deep breath before rereading the announcement, he contemplates on opening the UNDEAD group chat to inform everyone but Rei might have seen the announcement beforehand.
He sighs heavily as he places his phone in his pocket as he sits down at the small seating area located in the main lobby.

The chime on Hiyori's phone seems to echo a few times around the Ensemble Square lobby as it goes off, and a near-visible wave of surprise ripples across the room. He's already on his way to the CosPro office, so it's an excitement when his visit suddenly has even more reason to it.

"Oh, Kaoru-kun, long time no see~ Did you get that announcement?" He takes a few bouncy steps over to the UNDEAD member, phone already buzzing with notification from Ibara. Knowing him, he had probably known about this 'Nirvana Stars' weeks ago. "It's interesting, isn't it? I didn't realize just how far Eichi-kun was going to push his system..." he trails off as if lost in thought for a moment, "But it'll be great to compete with other units again~"

He looks at Hiyori dumbfounded the moment he switches up the words of them. "Tomoe-kun, it's called Stars' Nirvana not Nirvana Stars, he chuckles as he grabs his phone from his pocket. "It's surprising to see that we are getting a battle of the bands like competition...," he says as he scrolls through the rules once again

Rei Sakuma, a veteran of many band competitions in his lifetime, had nearly forgotten that Ensemble Square was one again holding one this year. He had just awoken from a significantly pleasant nap, and his hair was unbrushed and slightly matted. He had checked his phone as soon as he had woken up to see the announcement, and decided to walk over to Ensemble Square to see if he could locate his other bandmates. To tell the truth, he was better at interacting with people in person than online; to him, conveying words through texting seemed ingenuine. He would much rather meet face to face, despite his conditions concerning being out in the sun. Speaking of that, he had brought a large black umbrella with him, closing it as he approached what seemed to be Kaoru and another, more enthusiastic green haired man.

"Ah, Nirvana Stars, Stars' Nirvana, same difference~" Hiyori chimes. He absolutely didn't mix it up, what do you mean? Shifting his gaze a little past Kaoru, he catches sight of another graduate, closing a comically-sized dark umbrella as he approaches the two.

"Oh, Rei-kun, you too? Am I interrupting a secret UNDEAD meeting?" Hiyori's phone buzzes once again with a message from the Eden group. "I thought it would be too hot out for an old creature of the night like you." he adds with a bit of amusement. Even though his time at Yumenosaki was over a year ago, Hiyori will never fail to remember the vampiric ways of one Rei Sakuma.

Kaoru looks over at Rei, he had a phone anyways, why didn't he decide to text the group chat if it was too much of a bother for him to go out? It was really hot after all, the sun is insanely burning them today.

"Rei-kun, you didn't have to force yourself here to arrive y'know~?" the blond hums as he waves his cellphone up in the air, "You can always text us if you want to meet at your dorm or something

"I suppose you're right... It is rather hot today, but I wouldn't miss being here in person for the world, not when I am fortunate enough to see both a current friend and an old acquaintance in the same place.~" He smiled half-heartedly, it was obvious that the heat was taking its' toll on him, but he refused to admit that. He wiped a bead of sweat off his pale brow.

Kaoru giggles, "Well, do you plan on heading to the agency office? The rooms are much colder there for a vampire like you," he teases Rei as he gives a light pat behind his back.

He then looks at the cabbage haired boy that he was talking to earlier, "Never really knew Eden that much but it looks like to me you have been preparing for this before it has been announced."

"Oh, I didn't know you considered me an acquaintance?" Hiyori nods at Rei, before turning back towards Kaoru. "Hm? No, no we haven't been preparing, Ibara just likes being on top of things," he then shrugs, taking a few steps away from the two UNDEAD members. "We're ready for everything of course, you have to be when you're at the top," he adds with a bit of a look towards Rei, who currently seems to be wilting in the sun. How different he is from when Hiyori first met him....the dropped posture and tired eyes so unbefitting of the Oddball Hiyori recalls him as.

"Well, it's no matter to me~ I was already headed up to the office anyways. Have fun on your little...date...Kaoru-kun, Rei-kun." With that, he excuses himself into the main building of Ensemble Square.

[ Hiyori leaves the two ]

The blond flushes at the statement, "I only ever go out with girls though?" he says in a confused tone as he watches Hiyori leave.

He groaned silently, looking at his fellow unit mate, "Do you have any sort of game plan that we have for this? Or are we just going to wait for Koga-kun and Adonis-kun first?"

After Subaru received the news of the ever exciting Stars' Nirvana, he'd been bouncing off the walls, filled with energy. He was running around everywhere, looking for his other three bandmates so they could gather together and discuss this event. The thought of the stage, the lights, the cheering... so shiny! "Hokke~! Ukki~!! Sarii~!!!" He called out for his friends. He was too full of adrenaline to think of texting them, which would be a lot easier than running around and yelling their names, but Ensemble Square was already buzzing from the news so he wasn't causing too much of a commotion. Plus, he would want to see his friends in person!

Rei sighed. "My, my, Tomoe-kun. Ever the one to jump to conclusions, aren't you..." He could see Kaoru's face turning a shade of pink, and he almost wanted to make a comment to toy with him a bit, something along the lines of "You look like a tomato. Shall I have a drink from you too?" but he opted against it, because that would be cruel, and the poor man had already been teased enough.

"Yes, I agree that we should wait for them before we start this discussion. Perhaps you could communicate with them using your cellular device?" He pointed to the phone in Kaoru's hand. He once again wiped the sweat from his forehead. Somehow, it wasn't the one with lettuce-green hair that looked like a wilted vegetable here

Kaoru groans when he hears Rei voice out his desire to drink from him. He doesn't even look like a tomato though! The blonde sighs as he takes out his phone, "I'll just contact them at the main gc, I'm sure they are active right now," he says, scrolling over to the UNDEAD group chat.

[Kaoru], [Koga], [Adonis]
Yahoo yahoo~ Wanko-chan, Dodanis-kun, have you seen the announcement of Stars' Nirvana? Rei-kun is planning on entering us in~ We were both wondering if you guys have any thoughts on it. ^^

Despite Kaoru's suggestions, Rei had opted to stay there and wait, and by now, it was far past the hour they had arrived. Koga and Adonis were nowhere to be found. He frowned, then let out a quiet yawn. He thought that it might be best if he went back to his dark and cozy dormitory, because at this point, he had exerted himself greatly.

He turned back to Kaoru, and looked at him drowsily. "I believe it would be in my best interests to return to my room. Please notify me if any of our comrades arrive." With that, he opened his umbrella again and walked away towards the door.