Jun Sazanami

Jun Sazanami
漣 ジュン
Birthday16th August
LikesReading in quiet places
DisikesHarassment from Hiyori
Favourite FoodStrawberries
SpecialtyImprovised posing


  • His father was, originally, not that fond of Jun choosing to play the cello.
    However, his father eventually accepted Jun’s choice seeing Jun’s potential with the instrument.

  • His mother, .
    on the other hand, was super supportive of him and was the one allowing Jun to go learn about the instrument from various instructors growing up.

  • He eventually resorted to self-learning in his early teens..
    This is due to certain family issues between his parents. They barely paid attention to Jun when things started falling apart, as such, he could not go for more continuous lessons and had to self-learn in his following years.

  • Jun was recognized and picked up by Hiyori.
    Jun was a soloist, to an extent. He was barely recognized by any professional group for his talent for years so he kind of went solo as a cellist until Hiyori found him and took him in. Before that, Jun used to perform in various cafes, most of the time as a substitute cellist. He was not involved in any big and fancy concerts at all.

Jun's Cello

It is very special to him. It belonged to a retired cellist Jun looked up to as a youngster, who put this cello of theirs up as a raffle prize. Jun won the raffle and got this cello


  • He feels that he is the least talented amongst Eden.
    Due to that, he is always pushing himself to practice more. Jun tends to stay in the practice room for about half an hour more after sessions just to practice.

  • Jun sometimes misplaces his cello stopper.
    Thankfully, he has spares in the dorm.

  • Jun can recite cello scores from memory,
    no stands/scores (sheet music) required for him to play.

  • He really does not like music stands (the things that hold up your sheet music).
    Jun tends to have a lot of trouble opening them. Hence, he makes an effort to memorize his sheet music.

  • His music sheets all have notations and writings scribbled all over it;
    note translations, musical dynamics and highlights for parts he usually messes up during practices.


  • As Jun cherishes this cello, he is super protective of it.
    You can find him regularly wiping the cello thoroughly before and after some practice sessions and in his dorm.

  • Jun loves the cello rosin, a lot.
    He usually applies more than necessary to his bow, sometimes he blows the excess rosin right at people as a taunt.

  • Jun uses scented rosin during practices, and normal rosin during actual
    performances as performances are more serious.

  • Jun practices his cello skills with Makoto in their dorm sometimes.
    Other times he plays games in their dorm, sometimes they play games together.

UNIT: Eden
An eternal paradise that tempts the heart.
DORM #202
Gamer Dorm.
CIRCLE: Archives (Manga Club)
A club that prefers manga to printed text. They gather in the book room snd other places (where appropriate) during their free time for their circle activities.
A circle that plays different games on different days for health and stress relief. The games and teams are chosen by drawing lots and their rules are lax.