Mayoi Ayase

Mayoi Ayase
礼瀬 マヨイ
Class 3-B
Birthday6th June
Favourite Food...?Grapes
HobbyMaking dioramas
SpecialtyDetailed Handiwork

"I’m sorry, I’m sorry - I messed up again!!"


Mayoi grew up in a harsh, high-standing household, with his parents having close ties to certain families, and bitter rivalries with others. The immense pressure his family put on him to maintain their reputation and be the perfect child was a lot for him to handle at such a young age. Eventually, he hid himself in the walls of their family home, which would then become the Ensemble Square building to avoid his family and other people, preferring solitude and darkness over human interaction.

However, Mayoi also served to be a gifted singer, and his family signed him up for several vocal lessons and local choirs, and then eventually enrolled him into Yumenosaki Academy. However, due in part to his preference for keeping himself hidden, his grades suffered to the point where he had to repeat a year, and his haunting voice and penchant for wanting to help suffering idols gained him the reputation of “the Phantom of Yumenosaki”. Eventually, because of a messy rift between him and his parents, he was completely cut off from them.

While Mayoi’s vocals were unparalleled, he found little success in trying to find a group that would actually take him in - that is, until Ensemble Square was founded, and he was essentially forced into the band that would eventually become “Alkaloid”. In spite of his protests, he was made the vocalist of the band at the insistence of Aira and Tatsumi, who both agreed that he had talent and that it’d simply be wasted had he been put in any other role. While it may not have been his choice, his time with Alkaloid has certainly been an interesting one so far, and not necessarily a time he regrets.

“I-I’m really not cut out for this sort of thing, a wretched being like me should just stick to the vents!!”


  • Mayoi is trans, and he has taken vocal lessons to lower his voice ever since he and his parents separated. He wears a binder when he’s out in public.

  • While he doesn’t look it, Mayoi is immensely talented with music. Aside from being a gifted vocalist, Mayoi provides the pre-recorded bass for some of their shows, and has composed a majority of Alkaloid’s backing tracks. However, his ability to write lyrics is somewhat lacking.

  • Mayoi’s stage presence is incredibly powerful, despite his nervous nature. While he doesn’t become all that different onstage, he definitely gets a lot more intense.

  • Mayoi is grossly agoraphobic and only goes outside and performs onstage when he has to; which is far more often than he would like.

  • He has moles all over his body - one next to his mouth, one behind his left ear, two on the back of his neck, five on his chest and collarbone, and several more littering his arms and legs.

  • He’s a very artistic person, and several of his hobbies reflect that - diorama and dollhouse making, doll repainting, embroidery, painting, sketching, and pottery are just a few of his interests.

  • He likes to collect stuffed animals, and he hides several of them in the parts of the vents and crawl spaces where he sleeps most often.

  • Despite how he looks, he actually takes good care of himself… Or tries to, at least. He’s shockingly good at self-care despite his circumstances.

  • Mayoi is currently seeing a therapist.

  • Mayoi keeps chapstick on him at all times. It’s a necessity when you live in a cold, drafty place. His favorite flavor is grape.

  • Mayoi doesn’t trust anyone else with his hair, so he cuts and braids it himself. Unfortunately for him he’s also very bad at cutting it.

  • He hates summer and winter since those months make living in the walls absolutely hellish for him.

  • His love for grapes extends to many things - soda, juice, hard candy, gummies, flavors of chapstick, jelly - but the one grape-flavored thing he hates is medicine, especially cough syrup.

  • He thinks most insects are cute… Except for beetles. His favorite insects are moths.

  • Mayoi has ADHD, and while some of his stims are also nervous habits, his non-nervous stims include chewing on things and scent-based stims.

  • Mayoi is absolute garbage at cooking and baking, so usually he just sticks to easy-to-make food like salad or sandwiches, or he just eats snacks from vending machines.

  • During his time as the Phantom of Yumenosaki, he formed a close friendship with an idol he was helping, until one day, that idol simply just… disappeared. In reality, they just switched schools, but Mayoi never found out what happened, so the incident haunts him to this day, even if he has no idea what they actually looked like. Because of what happened, he has a hard time forming new friendships out of the fear that his friends will simply disappear on him.

“You shouldn’t associate with someone like me, I’m just a pest!”

Piercing through the suit of your heart!
Class 3-B of Yumenosaki.
CIRCLE: Sweets Fan Club
The other two members of the Sweets Fan Club don’t often interact with Mayoi outside of their circle activities, but he doesn’t necessarily hate their meetups. After all, the rest of the circle were far more well-known than he was, meaning he often sat back and ate sweets while the others did other activities.
CIRCLE: Overnight Outdoors Party
He’s not entirely sure how he got dragged into this mess.
CIRCLE: Occult Club
A rather lively bunch, and one that Mayoi doesn’t particularly dislike, but not one that he feels entirely comfortable socializing with directly. He’s essentially their secret 4th member who hides in the club room’s walls and under their table, where he steals sips of Mika’s drink while he isn’t paying attention.
Tatsumi Kazehaya
Mayoi’s closest companion - infinitely patient and caring towards him. In spite of having met each other as their band was forming, the two maintain a close bond with one another and provide each other with support whenever it’s needed. Mayoi maintains a deep sense of respect and admiration for his bandmate, but perhaps his admiration runs deeper than just a close friendship... He’s not entirely sure, and it scares him to death.
Hiiro Amagi
His bandmate, and his precious underclassman. He wants to see him succeed and grow as much as possible, though at the same time, does hold some level of distress at the fact that he was appointed as the vocalist of their band. While at times his awkwardness gets in the way of him trying to form a healthy bond with him, he tries his best to be a positive influence. (Same as Aira)
Aira Shiratori
His bandmate, and his precious underclassman. He wants to see him succeed and grow as much as possible, though at the same time, does hold some level of distress at the fact that he was appointed as the vocalist of their band. While at times his awkwardness gets in the way of him trying to form a healthy bond with him, he tries his best to be a positive influence. (Same as Hiiro)
A mysterious person who Mayoi can’t quite make heads or tails of. He’s unsure of HiMERU’s intentions in wanting to get closer to him, but he feels bad about being suspicious - after all, he knew what it felt like to be the target of suspicion. It wasn’t a good feeling. He was given no other choice than to just let their relationship play out naturally, entirely uncertain of what way it was going to go.
Ritsu Sakuma
Being a Sakuma, Mayoi has a slight fear of Ritsu, though he tries his best not to let it get in the way of their club meetings and activities. However, one thing he can’t shake is his shock and terror over Ritsu’s teasing.
Natsume Sakasaki
If Mayoi knows anything about Natsume, it’s that he loves to see the purple-haired vocalist squirm. He constantly flirts with Mayoi, and while he’s certainly… flattered? He doesn’t exactly know how to handle it.
Mika Kagehira
Mika is easily the club member that Mayoi gets along with the best, if only because he’s the only one not trying to tease him. The two get along fairly well when they’re face to face, and they often meet up outside of club meetings to sew together.