Mika Kagehira

Mika Kagehira
影片 みか
Birthday26th December
LikesClothes with long hems
DisikesHis own eyes, others' gazes
Favourite FoodCandy
SpecialtyCat's Cradle

tw: allusions to abuse and transphobia


 Mika’s life started with a burst, a bang, and then fizzled out quickly. From childhood he was an odd duck, with his mismatched eyes and bizarre, antisocial behavior. No matter what his parents did, they couldn’t get him to utter a peep; not a single coherent sentence. Thus, for the first time - certainly not the last - Mika was given up on and handed off to some no-name orphanage.

 His second heartbreak came at the delicate age of 13, when he was really getting to know himself, as well as the state of the world around him. The state of the world for him. He was not a fool by any means, and knew he was different. Different in his state of being, different in his sense of self-identity. This fierce disconnect between his real self and the facade he put up to protect that delicate heart of his manifested gradually in his middle school years, and his real self faded into the murky twilight of his own heart.

 Mika desperately needed an out, or he was going to simply fall apart at the seams, not unlike an antique, abandoned marionette doll. Was it a trick of fate, or simple coincidence, that day he heard the sweet, dulcet tones of an unnamed instrument reach his ears from a distant hallway in his middle school (equally unnamed. Mika was not good with names, especially ones that involved a past which need not be remembered.)? It was this fateful moment that sent his future wildly off-course from its original orbit. He was no longer a lone comet rocketing its way to its doom, but rather a fragile dwarf planet being pulled in by the gravity of something.

 Mika was, simply put, utterly in love with string instruments. His middle school was populated by the wealthy and poor alike, thus he had finally found his sanctuary. Middle schoolers were a forgetful bunch, and the music teacher must have taken pity on him, for they allowed him to borrow the forgotten instrument - just for a short period of time. Mika was a clumsy child, yet gifted with his fingers.. most of the time. These blissful days were his ticket to freedom - Yumenosaki Academy.

 ...Except it wasn’t all that cheery; not at all what Mika was hoping for. Without a friend to turn to, a single soul to form a unit with, the odd-eyed boy was, well… homeless. Until he ran into Shu on a certain day, that is. Shu, who saw a spark of something in the boy, had taken him under his wing and gifted him a harp of his own.

Mika Kagehira was utterly enchanted with Valkyrie.

“Even if we’re dragged down to the pits of hell, I’ll still follow ya.”


  • Mika is autistic and fidgets a lot, has a small collection of stim toys

  • Trans (demiboy? Even he’s not certain), not currently out to anyone besides Arashi and Shu (on accident). Currently only going through vocal therapy to help lower his voice.

    • Besides being naturally short, his growth was a little… stunted due to malnourishment

  • Gamer™

  • Suffers from fatigue often, has a quick metabolism and is often hungry. He’s very bony, ribs easily visible

  • Still lives in Shu’s mansion, “took care of the place” while Shu was in Paris
  • Certified Ouji Lolita Lover

  • Warm.. he’s so warm, very pleasant to hold

  • He has a fondness for gardening and has basically claimed Shu’s backyard as his own

UNIT: Valkyrie
A museum of art interwoven
Class 3-A of Yumenosaki.
CIRCLE: Pretty 5
A circle of people who like cafes and cute things. They enjoy going out for "girls only"-like activities such as shopping.
CIRCLE: ES Lessons - Keito Lecture
A study group organized by Keito. They hold supplementary classes that covers a mix of miscellaneous knowlege from a range of subjects. The talks can get a bit long, but teacakes are provided.

“Star-la lah- la la, la la la lah
Love you always deeply
Genuinely, immensely, steadily with all my heart…”

Shu Itsuki
Well.. He means more to me than I can ever hope ta put into words… ‘e’s done everything for me, yanno? We live together, ‘n he even trusted me ta take care of his place while he was in Paris. Erm.. I-I could say more… but I’unno if i want ‘im hearin’ it... I wanna be with ‘im forever.
Arashi Narukami
Hehe, Naru-chan’s my best friend! She’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. We hang out together a bunch, like goin’ shoppin’ ‘n stuff. I trust ‘er with everything, ‘n she gives real good advice to me… She even helped me cut my hair, ‘cause I’m no good at it on my own. I love her a lot.
Ritsu Sakuma
He’s my other best friend. Fer some reason, ‘e really likes sleepin’ on me (besides other things….) and I kinda worry ‘bout ‘im ‘cause of it. But ‘e’s always around when I need ‘im, so I guess it ain’t too bad bein’ his pillow when ‘e’s feelin’ sleepy? ...Besides… ‘e kinda looks like a little kitten when ‘e curls up against me… I like pettin’ ‘im..~