Sora Harukawa

Sora Harukawa
春川 宙
Birthday1st July
LikesOnline games
DisikesDark places
Favourite FoodSnacks, apples


Rough. I guess that’s a good word to describe Sora’s youth. It was confusing, difficult, and full of worry. Truly something a young child shouldn’t have to experience.

Sora was born with the condition, Synesthesia. Which is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. Another form of synesthesia joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people's names with a sensory perception such as smell, color or flavor.

In Sora’s case, his Synesthesia was pretty harsh, meaning he’d get incredibly exhausted from being in places with a large number of people, or from listening to sounds or voices for long periods of time (hint hint).

During his youth, Sora attended a Primary School, but eventually his parents chose to remove him due to the harsh treatment he was receiving from his peers. They’d deem him as weird, crazy, scary, a monster.

While Sora never expressed any hatred towards his classmates or any discomfort in his school, he was hurting. Behind his little grin he was broken, twisted, and bruised. But, he wouldn’t let anyone know that. He happily went along with his parents' decision, as he didn’t really have a choice in the matter.


For years, Sora was holed up at home by his parents in fear of what others would think or say about their child. They thought it was simply for the best that Sora just stayed away from everyone and everything that could harm him, he was kept inside a bubble, one he couldn’t escape from.

While at home, Sora would spend large amounts of his time on the internet, researching about the outside world and what specifically was in it. He stumbled upon music one day, and was fascinated by the various colors he could perceive based upon the sounds that were produced.

When July had rolled around that year, Sora begged his parents for an instrument. It was the one he was most fascinated by, the Xylophone. You may be asking, why a Xylophone? Sora’s parents asked the same, and what Sora replied was a simple response, “If you find something beautiful you’ll want to reach out and grab it for yourself, right? So, why would there be a ‘why’ to that?”


After receiving his Xylophone (after begging his parents for weeks), he began to play it constantly. He could be seen happily banging the little keys almost non-stop. He was mesmerized by the bright and vibrant colors he saw once he tapped certain notes, it was magical. Almost like magic.

Sure, Sora wasn’t too knowledgeable on the subject but it truly felt like something magical, and Sora was immersed in it. Once it came time for High School, Sora (eventually) convinced his parents to allow him to attend Yumenosaki Academy, a school of the arts and music. The only reason he was allowed was because his family truly did believe he had a knack for that small instrument he received so many years ago.

Though, when he arrived at Yumenosaki it truly wasn’t what he thought it would be. To Sora, it appeared as a pile of ashes, burnt out and dead. It left a sour flavoring in his mouth. After so long of wishing to be free, he was only met with disappointment.

But, Sora is not your typical individual. He’ll take anything broken, bruised, and hurt and turn it into something positive and beautiful. So, despite that small part of him that was discouraged, he kept his head high and his usual bright grin, the one that hid all the scars and pain Sora’s experienced. His mask.


When he arrived at Yumenosaki he was alone. He knew no one and frankly it appeared as if no one was eagerly trying to create friendships either.

Though, within that pile of ashes, Sora noticed a flame. A flame that was desperately trying to glow underneath that heavy pile of burnt ashes. And Sora was captivated. He followed it, chased after it desperately.

Stumbling, running, reaching and reaching… until he was met with two individuals that would take him by the arms and show him magic, real magic. That would show him how wonderful, beautiful, and magical his own existence was. That he, a monster, could be accepted and loved for whatever he may be.

And Sora finally found his home, his comfort, his happiness.


  • Sora suffers from Social anxiety, this is due to his treatment by his peers in Primary school. He isn’t necessarily aware of it as he was never truly tested/diagnosed because his parents simply kept him imprisoned at home. He gets nervous around others and doesn’t necessarily know how to respond, as he’s never really had friends prior to coming to Yumenosaki.
  • Sora isn’t wonderful at communication or expressing himself, he’s never really done it before as all he’s had was himself and his Xylophone for so long.
  • Sora may be a bit air headed and confused. He doesn’t know anything about the world. Everything he knows is based on the internet or his Synesthesia. He doesn’t really understand human emotions and he only describes them with colors (basically canon).
  • Sora’s clumsy!!! (I just think it’s cute) He doesn’t really know how to do things so he often fiddles with things and breaks things.. He also may need help putting on his stage outfits! He’s never worn anything like that before..
  • Sora is sensitive to sounds! He doesn’t like loud noises..
UNIT: Switch
A magical party of everlasting happiness.
Class 2-A of Yumenosaki.
DORM #404
A circle that plays different games on different days for health and stress relief. The games and teams are chosen by drawing lots and their rules are lax.
CIRCLE: ES Lessons - Ibara Lecture
A study group organized by Ibara. By mixing games into study, learning becomes enjoyable with easy to understand explanations. Every once in a while they have guest lecturers.