Tatsumi Kazehaya

Tatsumi Kazehaya
風早 巽
Birthday28th December
HobbyKeeping things tidy, Writing
Not SpecialtyDriving
SpecialtySearching for things, good memory

cw! abuse mention


Tatsumi was raised to be good at keyboard because he was an organist for his church as a young boy. He grew disillusioned with the church due to several incidents of widespread abuse within the institution. He then became a progressive priest and a keyboardist to reconcile his relationship with both religion and music and strove to change the institution and push it in a more modern direction, even as a teenager (come on, have some suspension of disbelied with the ages here). He entered Reimei and became dissatisfied with the system, disagreeing fundamentally with how the school was managed and governed, thus beginning the Reimei Revolution—details on the incident with HiMERU are in Aria’s doc.

His joined Alkaloid afterward and tried his best to forget about his past but guilt still chipped away at him, hence his need to apologise to HiMERU. His parents were displeased with his messy rebellious-to-kind nature and how he’d rebelled both against Reimei and their wishes (as they supported the Church), so they were cut off from one another the year Tatsumi joined Alkaloid.


  • he’s trans! he lowered his voice on his own. his relationship with music is important to his gender because he saw mostly boys playing the organ at church and thought he wanted to be like them

  • he is a writer. he likes to write psychological horror and he’s still working on his first novel, though he has published several of his short stories online and in magazines.

  • he collects notebooks and keeps buying new ones regardless of whether he’s filled the old ones or not. he enjoys writing in them and his handwriting is very neat

  • he’s also very well-read and has an eclectic taste in literature! his favourite books so far are Silence by Endo Shusaku and The Setting Sun by Dazai Osamu.

  • he has jerking tics in his arms, back, and legs in addition to one where he clears his throat which he suppresses during performances! this contributed to his fall during the Reimei Revolution and he has constant pains in his leg now due to both the fall and his movements. (tourettes hc machine go brrr)

  • he actually enjoys RPG maker games, and his favourite so far has been The Witch’s House. he’s not too good at the puzzles so he asks his bandmates for help.

  • he loves Hungarian and Filipino heavy metal. that’s it. this is pure projection. his favourite bands are AWS and Slapshock.

  • he sleeps rather early and wakes up rather early too! he likes making breakfast for his roommate/s in the mornings.

Piercing through the suit of your heart!
DORM #405
A cafe circle that holds tea salons at irregular intervals to converse. They bring their own tea leaves and chat in a free-spirited manner.
CIRCLE: Gardenia
A circle that likes to garden. They take care of flowers as well as cultivate vegetables and herbs, which they sometimes sell to Niki's kitchen.