Tsukasa Suou

Tsukasa Suou
朱桜 司
BirthdayApril 6th
LikesOld books
Favourite FoodSnacks
SpecialtyMounted archery


Got into singing as a child via lessons, but only joined the band and started to genuinely enjoy it after hearing that some other kids from rich families were starting music in bands and had previously looked up to the past Knights. His parents aren’t super supportive but he doesn’t really care. He provides any practice room and other accommodations for Knights.


Serious and speaks his mind, has a rather keen interest in learning the current 'lingo'. Due to this, he comes off very cheeky and sometimes rude in the usage of words, but doesn't plan to change. Dedicated towards Knights, as their vocalist and would do anything to further progress, initiating violent threats is never out of the picture. Really likes sweets. No really. He won't hesitate to beat down someone who orders the last cheesecake.


Vocal/role specification/s:
  • Slightly nasal voice, very good at belting
  • Has a habit of adding a tad too much vibrato when hitting lower notes
  • Occasionally, his vocal jump can come off too sudden and too rough
  • He adds the backing vocals and harmonies post Leo's composing
  • Really REALLY loves blend tests and the fact that everyone blends well

Has a private recording booth in his house.
  • AT2020 Condenser Mic + Pop filter
  • Reaper + Melodyne
  • Usually in charge of timing and tuning vocal lines for single releases
  • Never names his files correctly and ends up cursing his past self every time


  • Is usually one of the first to arrive at practice and has extensive vocal warmups
  • Has a warm thermos of honey lemon tea in his bag at all times
  • Tries to listen to Leo explain his music theory and is constantly more confused than before
  • Is kind of self conscious about his voice, and hates whenever it cracks, whether it be in warmups or practice
  • He tries his best not to accidentally talk about topics his fellow members feel sensitive about


Ballads Leo Izumi Arashi Ritsu Tsukasa
Leo 10 8 8 10
Izumi 10 10 9 7
Arashi 8 10 9 8
Ritsu 8 9 9 7
Tsukasa 10 7 8 7
Pop Leo Izumi Arashi Ritsu Tsukasa
Leo 10 8 6 10
Izumi 10 10 8 9
Arashi 8 10 10 9
Ritsu 6 8 10 7
Tsukasa 10 9 9 7
UNIT: Knights
An order of knights devoting songs to you.
Class 2-A of Yumenosaki
A circle that enjoys books regardless of genre. The book room is their main location for activities, but they go outside and read on days with good weather too.
CIRCLE: Sweets Fan Club
A circle of sweet lovers. They bring handmade sweets and share research on the sweets available in town.