Wataru Hibiki

Wataru Hibiki
日々樹 渉
Birthday21st February
LikesHis mask collection
Favourite FoodJello
SpecialtySleight of hand


Wataru had never really been the musical type. If you had asked him, when he was a young child, tattered cape wrapped around his shoulders like a superhero, what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would have, at that time, immediately responded with the simple dream of wanting to be a ‘movie star’. Abandoned by his parents and raised by a kindly old man and old lady, Wataru found himself wanting almost for nothing, only to ever repay his new parents in any way he could. At first he wanted to do it in a monetary fashion, wanting to be successful in whatever jobs he picked up in order to repay them, but soon, Wataru learned quickly that there were more ways to repay someone back other than through money…

The death of his mother

Wataru’s adoptive mother grew sick one day, and ended up having to be hospitalised. Unsure what to do, Wataru and his adoptive father visited the hospital every day, just to be by her side, no matter what happened. It was a difficult time for all of them, but Wataru soon realised that more than anything, he missed the way his mother would smile and laugh -- and soon began to turn to simple magic tricks and jokes in order to make her smile, or to at least bring a small twinkle to her eye. She would hold his hand, and watch his tricks, and laugh and smile, and Wataru would do his best to support her with everything he had. In the end, it felt like it was all for naught -- one day, his adoptive mother passed away quietly in her sleep, and Wataru felt like his entire world was melting down around him.

...Still, he chose not to give up. He knew, that at least in her final days, she was smiling. This, eventually, led to him starting to perform his tricks to other patients, as a special guest hired by hospitals around Japan, which led to meeting Eichi Tenshouin.

Meeting Eichi Tenshouin

It was a simple sunny day. Wataru was hired by a fancy, high-end hospital in order to entertain a child in one of the larger rooms. Bringing his best tricks and his brightest smile, Wataru found himself in the presence of the Tenshouin heir -- Eichi. Still, despite him being a scion to a large family, Wataru didn’t back down. He was a child like him after all, and his status changed very little as to how Wataru saw him. Thus, Wataru performed for him, performing small magic tricks and acting out plays he’d memorised the monologues to, and before he knew it, he’d gotten the other boy smiling and laughing, and Wataru decided, at that moment, that he wanted to see that smile again and again. Perhaps they would never meet again, but Wataru carried the memory of that smile in his heart as he continued to grow.

Learning the Guitar

It had happened by complete accident. He had returned one day to his adoptive father with a guitar in his hands, cleaning and fixing the guitar strings. It wasn’t like Wataru hadn’t seen a guitar before, but he’d never had the opportunity to hold one, or hear what it sounded like in real life. So, the moment they’d quietly managed to fix the guitar together, Wataru’s adoptive dad began to play, and Wataru fell in love without a second word. He used some of the funds from his performances at the hospitals to purchase himself his own secondhand guitar, and sat by his father to learn how to strum chords.

And that, the quiet moments where only the soft sound of gentle guitar chords echoed through the house, was where Wataru Hibiki fell in love with music.


  • Wataru has at least 11 doves that live in his hair.
    • Each dove has a certain person they’re personally fond of.
    • Naturally, each Oddball has a dove.
    • So does Eichi.
    • And Keito.

  • Wataru picked up the ability to hypnotise people through the Internet.
    • It’s funny, because the article he read about it was meant to be a joke…?
UNIT: fine
The heavenly orchestra
DORM #403
Party rockers(is) in the house tonight!!!!!
CIRCLE: Theater Company "Dramatica"

A theatre circle organized by Wataru. It aims to help its members discover a new side of themsleves. Using self-made costumes and props, they perform both original and classic plays.
CIRCLE: Biology Club (ANIMALS)
A circle that mainly interacts with land animals. On days where they get excited from talking about pets, they visit farms and zoos.
Eichi Tenshouin
To begin to describe how I feel about Eichi makes me think that I’ll be here for ages! Still, I digress, I’ll put forward my best attempt -- I wish to only see him happy. There is a great amount that I owe him, and I feel that with time, I’ll eventually pay him back. My Eichi, so full of life and hope. How I adore you...
Tori Himemiya
Dear, sweet, Himegimi! You are truly a delight to my eyes and a warmth in the hearts of fine. You and I share similar thoughts when it comes to our Emperor, and I am glad to know that should I no longer be around, you will be here for him. I will trust you on this, alright?
"Watashi (私)"
What can I say about myself? I am truly nothing but a blank slate, a piece of clay ready and willing to be molded into whatever one deems fit. I am but a court jester, I am… your Wataru Hibiki, always and forever Still, could I be able to learn to love myself some day…? What a silly question...
Yuzuru Fushimi
You’ve worked hard, haven’t you… Please permit me to ask you to take a rest? I do believe someone of your lifestyle and stature deserves as such. Ah, but where am I going with this… aren’t we two similar in some form of way as well?
Rei Sakuma
my darling! You are truly a soothing balm on the world. I am honoured to be your friend, and wish to stay by your side, if at all possible. Despite all odds, I am truly glad we have become friends, and I will certainly not be one to attempt to break our friendship in any way. ...What happened back then will be our little secret, for as long as you wish for it to be. Still, I love you so much, though...
Kanata Shinkai
you and your antics never cease to bring joy. What happiness, one must feel, floating peacefully in the school fountain. You are truly a close friend of mine, and I feel that ever need be, I can trust you with any problems I have. If I want to risk getting my uniform wet, that is...
Shu Itsuki
Shu, I do hope you can find some time in your busy schedule to relax. Being around you, for me, is relaxing in itself, as I never seem to need to worry too much. While I may not be very proficient with the needle and thread, watching you do your work is hypnotising at best.
Natsume Sakasaki
no matter what, I will always be happy and proud of you. Whether I sound like your father is another situation altogether, but I digress, my dear. If you’re ever struggling, I do wish you would come to me ~ I cannot promise I will be of help, but I will lend a listening ear where I can.
Keito Hasumi
Are you resting well? Of course you’re not, when have you rested a day in your life, dear right hand? We must really do something about that glasses addiction you seem to have, along with your addiction to work. I only wish to brighten your day just a touch. If you ever require the friendly services of a clown, you know where to find me.